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The Bravery Training Toolkit

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The Bravery Training Toolkit is a set of tools to cultivate a growth mindset, overcome physical responses to fear and anxiety, and fight the inevitable resistance you experience as you conquer your fears and untap your potential. 


The Excuse Killer

Anticipate and counter your excuses. 

A tool to help you overcome the inevitable excuses your mind will come up with to prevent you from taking a risk. 

Sometimes you’ll find that those excuses for inaction or quitting are valid. Other times, and more often, they’re coming from a place of fear. Call it self-doubt or self-handicapping. You’re trying to protect yourself. So, how do you remove yourself as a barrier to accomplishing your goals? Anticipate your excuses.


Accomplishment Log

Celebrate your wins.

Acknowledging what you’ve accomplished, big and small, builds confidence. It’s easy to lose sight of the progress you are making and only focus on the things you have not done or still have to do. This list is a physical reminder of how much you have done.